Our Union, Our Communion, & Our Global Decrees

Dear I AM Your Victory Community!

I invite all community members of our iamyourvictory.com Decree Teams to join together in our aligned, unified focus and Decree the same Blessings to ensure our personal, family, community, national, and global Victory of Light.  You are extremely powerful and essential. I AM That I AM is who we are. The idea of “two or more gathered in MY Name, and I AM there” is the application of the Law of Light I AM using to Consciously direct energy into manifestation.

In the book, “I AM Adorations and Affirmations” from Saint Germain Press, the forward describes; (paraphrased) “when we give these Decrees, give these Decrees slowly, and feel the meaning in each word as you come to it, and when we can feel the meaning in each word deeply enough, we will have instantaneous manifestations.” (This is a great book to have with you at all times.)

I propose Decrees be given at the top of the hour (example: 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, etc.) whenever you are able to do so, knowing and feeling there are many doing so with you at the same exact time. And anytime is great!

I also suggest you send us topics to cover in our expanding Decrees. Our Decree Authors here will keep our Decrees as universal as we feel directed. If you find a requirement to upgrade or change these Decrees to fit your Spiritual path, please feel free. Consciousness is the bottom line. Love is our purpose. Victory of Light is our outcome.

When you give your Decrees, include in your Consciousness, all in your Family, Community, and World. 

From my Heart! RTS 


Decrees for Supply:

I say NO to lack. I say YES to my Permanent Victorious Supply.

I AM the Hand of My God supplying me now and forever.

I AM always supplied before I require it.

All lack has no power. God has all power.

I AM made in, with, and by God. It is impossible for lack to even touch God.

I AM already supplied.

I claim my full supply now and continuously.

I AM Love.

Love is my Magnet to my Good.

I AM Divine Love Supplying Me NOW and Forever!

I AM the Hand of God clearing my world of all lack and instantly restoring my full Supply now!

I AM Supplied.

I AM all the money, energy, riches, gifts, support, love, understanding, ideas, substance, feeling, and confidence I require for my Divine Service this instant and forever in my hands and use.

I AM That I AM.

I AM Permanently and Victoriously Supplied By LIGHT! 



Decrees, Affirmations, and Imagination Activations for Nuclear Reactor Radiation Transmutation into Nuclear Action of Cosmic—Victorious—Divine—Love. RTS

(Give Each Decree Slowly and feel the meaning in each word powerfully, completely, and deeply.)

I AM that I AM

God is the only Presence and Power acting here, there, and everywhere any toxic nuclear radiation is, or ever has been .

I Demand the Hand of God reach into each and every particle of Energy in our Air, Water, Land, Food, and Life and qualify each particle with Pure, Invincible, Divine Love right now and continuously. God is every particle of energy!

Mighty I AM Presence, all Energy is yours! We call on the Law of Forgiveness for all our human mistakes. Blaze forth your Divine Love, Victorious Light, and All Powerful Flame of Transmutation and dissolve all toxic activity of nuclear Radiation into Your Nuclear Action of Cosmic—Victorious—Divine—Love this instant and forever. We thank You, Thou does always answer our every Call instantly, infinitely and eternally.

I AM our Pure Water. Water we Bless You, We Love You, We Thank You, We Blaze Cosmic Forgiveness into all Water on Planet Earth forever, instantly restoring Cosmic PurityNow and Forever!

I AM our Pure Air. Air we Bless You, We Love You, We Thank You, We Blaze Cosmic Forgiveness into all Atmosphere on Planet Earth forever, instantly restoring Cosmic Purity Now and Forever!

I AM our Pure Food. Food we Bless You, We Love You, We Thank You, We Blaze Cosmic Forgiveness into all Food on Planet Earth forever, instantly restoring Cosmic Purity Now and Forever!

I call forth Legions of Violet Flame Angels of Transmutation to come forth and sweep across the face of our Beloved Mother Earth and consume all toxic nuclear radiation and leave only Divine—Victorious—Permanent—Purity of Light in its place.

I AM our Healthy Planet Earth!

I AM our Healthy Humanity!

I AM our Healthy Lives Eternally sustained forever!

(Please give these Decrees every waking hour on the hour!)  Thank You!

Your Brother with Your in the Light,


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Comments on: "I AM Your Victory Decrees" (3)

  1. Beautiful Bob and Mathtewy Team… I pwaise You!

    I use your Supply Decrees daily–and WooHoo…period!! ;-)

    Yes and Sirius-lee…please post Decrees re: My Divine Partner (Wife/Husband) and My Divine Business…thank you soooooooooooooooooo mucho!!!

  2. Yo, Baby, Yo!!!

    = translation =




  3. i,m one with u.god bless u .send more info

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