Our Union, Our Communion, & Our Global Decrees


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Dear Cosmic Critters,

“All Hearts on deck” is what I have been and I AM feeling these moments of Now.

With Japan’s call for more Pure Light, North Africa’s call for full liberation of each Individualized Being of Light, our economic shift calling for Conscious Commerce, Conscious Governance, & full participation of each person, I have started our new level & expression of Service. I AM Your Victory. I invite you to play and serve with me, together leading our Global Transformation NOW.

As situations are revealed calling for more Light, Love, and Consciousness, we awaken you to your Decrees, Imaginations, Actions, and New Choices.

Imagine having 100, then 1000, and then 144,000 and more individuals agreeing, Decreeing, and Imagining some local or global limitation reversed into its Divine Victorious Resolution. We all count. When a situation matters enough for each of us, our Prayers, Affirmations, Decrees, Imaginations, Outcome Facilitations, New Choices, and our Love will all make the difference in shifting patterns into what they are all meant to be.

“Our Greatest weakness shall be our Greatest Strength.”“Let the weak man say I AM strong.”“Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you.”

As you discover your new commitment to have and engage in your full remembrance of Conscious Language™, many avenues are now available to you.

  • DVD watching groups are happening in many major cities as we speak.
  • Starting your own Conscious Language Study Group is easy.
  • Finding a Language of Mastery™ Instructor is very helpful.
  • Listening to the Conscious Language 101 CD Set  is essential.
  • Participating in Mastery/Mastery of Facilitation 4 Day Event.
  • Reading “Conscious Language, The LOGOS of Now!” provides deep insights.

Sharing with others as a Language of Mastery Instructor amplifies your own knowledge and experience many fold!

In our new “I Am Your Victory” site and blog we now have and enjoy our opportunity to consciously branch forth into many arenas calling for upgrades.

You now have the chance to participate, assist and lead specific applications of Conscious Language™ upgrades dynamically integrated to our Lives, Relationships, Careers, Health Care, Businesses, Human Resources, Families, Organizations, Service Groups, Spiritual Practices, Community Building, Governing Bodies, Leadership, Economy’s, Ecology’s, and Health in our Life Experience.

We are just beginning, our world and our Hearts are calling. Thank you for Co-Leading our Global Transformation with us.

Your Brother with You In the Light,


Comments on: "Home" (13)

  1. Jennifer Barker said:

    Interesting. I would like to hear more.

  2. Great talk last night, I’m glad I made it!

  3. Saralee Peterson said:

    Hi sisters and brothers, I am voting your victory!

  4. Debra Beauchamp said:

    Wow…I watched I AM Your Victory….Bob’s words are powerful and clear

  5. Debra Beauchamp said:

    I AM Blessed. I AM Grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.

  6. Miranda Martinez said:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing our community!!! WE are the ones!!!

  7. Pure Love and Clarity Bob! Blessings are ours!

  8. Amber Rose said:

    Our Victory is NOW!

  9. Serena Lee said:

    I AM Grateful and Enthusiastic!

  10. Serena Lee said:

    Thank you for sharing this work!!!! I AM Enthusiastic and Grateful!

  11. kathe kirrene said:

    WOW!!!!!!! What profound words and truths. The tears are flowing because of my joy in hearing my chela speak with such clarity. I am filled with tremendous love. Thank you for making all this possible and I am grateful to be on your “cosmic critter” invite list.

  12. Karen Kolenberg said:

    Thank you for inviting me. I am forwarding this on to my dear pastor whom I think will be excited to know about all that you are doing. His name is Ronnie McBrayer. Love to all,

  13. Amanda Ham said:

    Wow! So I’m laying in bed with massive health returning. I had just said to myself time to say no to this illusion that has me & my phone chimed for me to check this email. Thank you Goddess for speaking this powerful message through my brother Bobarino. I love Consciousness. I love my planet. I say to all doubt & fear, you have no power here…go back to the light. Yes to my whole planet upgraded to their highest choice now & now &now.

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